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Why you should open account through us?


  1. We suggest you the best broker with least brokerage depending on your trading segment, capital and volume of trades.
  2. Also, you get FREEBIES worth Rs.12,000/- (including BUY SELL signal software) only from us.

How do you save?

If you are trading “per lot” basis or having brokerage of “1 paisa (0.01%)” or more, it’s time to STOP immediately as you can save around Rs.50,000/- yearly.

Just go through the calculation below:

If your brokerage is 1 paisa and you trade in just 2 futures (or) option calls a day,

2 calls X 22 days/month x 12 months = 528 trades.

528 trades x Rs.220/- appx per trade = 1,16,160/- per year.

Note: The above Rs.220/- per trade includes all taxes – stamp duty, STT, service tax etc.

If you trade “per order” instead of “per lot”, the brokerage becomes Rs.20 per order irrespective of turnover. So, your Rs.220/- becomes Rs.120/- per trade (both buy and sell), saving around Rs.100/- for each lot.

Again, 528 trades x Rs.100/- saving = 52,800/- per year.

Notably, even if you place 100 lots in one single order, your brokerage will still be Rs.20/- per 100 lots. So, if you are trading more lots in options, this is surely a “MUST” follow strategy as you can save heavily with this.

STILL MORE – If you choose to take this opportunity, you will also get freebies worth Rs.12,000/- from us.

  1. You get 1 month absolutely free BUY SELL signal service in
  2. Technical Analysis training documents worth Rs.5,000/- with all studies including options and futures trading strategies.
  3. Stock market books for starters and advanced traders worth Rs. 4,100/-
  4. Two amibroker AFLs worth Rs. 3,000/-

And then, you can also EARN 10% referral bonus (until they trade) on every friend you refer.

More to think –

Say, you bought 2 lots of nifty or 1000 shares of Reliance. If you have target and stop loss with you, you need to place one order for target and other for SL which will take double margin. But what if you have a trading software that accepts both target and SL in one order with single margin requirement? When either of target or SL is executed, the other gets cancelled automatically. Profitable, isn’t it?

Lots of other things to consider…

  • What if you broker charges less brokerage and takes more span margin to trade? – You lose trading opportunities.
  • What if your broker doesn’t give you enough leverage during intraday trades?
  • Do you know that some firms give less brokerage and charge extra on every phone transaction?
  • Do you know that you pay seven different brokerages every time you trade?
  • Do you know that your brokerage will eat 40% of your profits at the end of the year?
  • Do you how important your trading and back office softwares are in analyzing your past trades?

Yes, we take care of all the above points and show you the best broker in India with least brokerage. Just fill the form and save 95% of your current brokerage.

Now, you have all the reasons to open a new trading account and save Rs.50,000/- brokerage per year with Rs.12,000/- freebies 🙂

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